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16/12/2017 Jac And Grande on a very warm Saturday morning at PRARG


08/11/2017. Now that Glenn is cutting back on training outside horses he will have more time to dedicate to coaching the one true passion  he enjoys. Glenn is unique in Australia being the only rider/ trainer to produce the only horse to compete successfully in both Grand Prix dressage and World Cup show jumping. He has a unique ability to  make the difficult look simple in a way that people can understand.

25/10/2017 New Zealand . We have just returned from another fabulous whirlwind trip to NZ. After arriving in Auckland we travelled to our longtime  friends Alex and Andrew Stenburg at Karaka.  Ross and Steph Coles alway make us feel so welcome and  as per usual Steph put on a fabulous dinner and invited h a whole bunch of dear old friends.. From here we travelled down to Matamata  to catch up with Skinny Neaves who took time out to have a cuppa and then  show us around the truly amazing Waikato Stud .The whole trip was so Jacqui could judge at the Bay of Plenty  Dressage Championships that was being held at the National  Equestrian Center Taupo. Jacqui had a pretty full on three days of Judging starting with the Grand prix on friday . Not  only did she get a look at the some of the best big \ small tour horses in NZ but also got to judge some of the lower grades as well while I socialized . For me it was a chance to catch up with some people I hadn't seen in 40+yrs WOW. One of the highlights was catching up with CM the cookie monster  Carron Gibbons who I first met as a ten year and here she was with her very  own 16 yr old daughter  Georgia  competing in dressage.We had the best time lots and lots of memories and laughs . More  to follow . Pics  HERE

30/07/2017 QEB Calvin C ( Calgary / Hounor And Glory ) a three yr old 16.1hh gld is looking like a super  prospect.  For pics scroll down 

09/07/2017 Schooling jumpers  QEB Sir Doncier (Sir Donnerhall / King Of Swing ) QEB Cool Kitty ( Cooperit / Agassi ) Pics  HERE

22/05/2017 Callie  ( Calgary GNZ / Clintino ) @ 4 months old  Photos  HERE

07/05/2017 QEB Sir Doncier had a novice start at PRARG scoring a credible 71+ % ,the judge at C had him to win giving some much deserved 8s where the judge at B was giving him 6s for the same movements.

23/04/2017 Naomi O Farrell has every reason to be excited about her 3yr old Bellissimo M filly Bliss. Pics  HERE

Much excitement here at Teamqeb Australia because the first of Don Gold youngsters has come in to be started under saddle. Breeding has its highs and lows but when you produce an obvious athlete like this guy it's very rewarding. We retained a few mares by stallions that both Jacqui and I campaigned with great success and it comes to the fore when talking temperament and movement in the youngsters stock we are producing. 
Sir Doncier ( Sir Donnerhall / King of Swing ) had his first outing in awhile coming  home with  two 69%+ scores from  his  preliminary starts yday. It's amazing the difference a properly fitting saddle makes anyone who knows me will be aware of how I have struggled to get a saddle that I can ride in pain free. This has been made possible by Mel from County saddles Qld and there County Connection.

Wow what a start to 2017 with our little band of broodmares producing 3 stunning filly foals. It started with QEB Cocktail (Clintino /  Sagomore Furisto ) surprising us with gorgeous  brown Calgary GNZ filly that we have name QEB Chablis ( Callie to her friends). This provided much excitement because we were so much wanting a filly with these bloodlines so Callie is a full sister to QEB Ca Ching  

QEB Supernatural will join Brett Cantles team of eventing stars  Pics / Video  HERE

TEAMQEB AUSTRALIA would like to wish all their clients / friends a very merry Christmas and  happy holidays


Dreaming about riding  Grand Prix movement is one thing but here at TEAMQEB we like our clients to experience it  Pics / Video HERE

   Bart  Bartholomai's SKIP  Video  HERE

03/07/2016 QEB Say No More (San Amour / Cooperit)and QEB Sir Doncier (Sir Donnerhall / King Of Swing )have a successful outing at the PARG 2*
Pics and Videos  HERE

 Hendra virus (HeV) EquiVacc® vaccine and its use by veterinary surgeons in Queensland . Submission  247 pretty much sums up what the general public needs to know .(Submissions to the Inquiry)  HERE

Have you had a horse die because a vet has refused treatment because they have a No Vac No Treat policy . Have your say   HERE
Me and my Mom (Ca Ching and Molly) PCS  HERE

12/06/2012 ACE Young Horse Championship  .A day I should have stayed in bed after coming off a young horse two days earlier. Mixed day Sir Doncier (Sir Donnerhall / QEB King Of Swing ) reserve Champion 5 yr old .QEB San Amour deserved to be ridden better but I had to retire halfway through (pain related ) . PICS  HERE 

31/05/2016 QEB Calvin C (Calgary / Honour And Glory  XX) nearly ready to back.much excitement in the camp  PICS  HERE

21/05/2016 It's times like this that makes my job very satisfying today Alana has her first ride on Ted after being started under saddle here at Teamqeb Australia.  PICS  HERE

30/04/2016 We were pleased with both young horses yday with QEB Say No More ( San Amour/ Cooperit)a very close second in the four yr old and QEB Sir Doncier ( Sir Donnerhall/King Of Swing) third in the five yr old . Both horses look like serious dressage prospects .

25/02/2016 Queensland State Government agrees to an inquiry into  Hendra Vaccine .Jimmy Pearce - ALP Member for Mirani and Peter Wellington Independent Member for Nicklin and speaker of the house have been rewarded for the long hours and their on going support for thr Equine Industry.MEDIA RELEASE by Jim Pearce can be found  by following the link   HERE Terms of reference for the inquiry   HERE

01/02/2016 QEB Diamont (Meggsie) Don Gold / King Of Swing black filly with white socks behind and sport socks in front  PICS   HERE

29/01/2016 Born 9:30pm a fabulous bay colt  QEB CA-CHING  Sire : Calgary (Cassal / Caretino) Dam Sire : Clintino ( Caretino / Caletto II ) PICS   HERE

29/01/2016 Born 3am this morning a stunning  bay colt QEB Calgar Ree - Calgary (Cassal) / Superior FM (Valuer) colt with a blaze and four white socks PIC  HERE

05/01/2015 Danielle Jackson has come all the way from Biloela near Rockhampton for a weeks training  / lesson with OTTT  Chubby. PICS  HERE

19/12/2015 Peter Wellington MP has now spoken to Jim Pearce MP and they are joining forces to help us.
So all adverse reactions are to go to Peter Wellington: 
and all other problems
ie No Vax /No Vet and not wishing to vaccinate older or breeding stock etc are to go to Jim Pearce :
Both of these wonderful parliamentary representatives want to hear from you.
They have asked that you all also to contact your own MP s and ask them to talk with Peter and Jim so please write now so that when they resume from the Christmas Break your emails are in their inboxes to start off a much brighter year for the Horse Industry

18/12/2016 Queensland Parliament Speaker Peter Wellington calls for inquiry on effects of Hendra vaccine

16/12/2015 The stunning Arabian pony Khouros daughter Amore, starting her saddle career under the incredible guidance of Glenn Pearce owned by Shelley Turner PICS  HERE

27/11/2015 QEB Say No More (Jeep) gets a look at the grounds where he will make his dressage debut on the weekend  . Couldn't be more pleased with his attitude ,I guess my days of riding him are numbered  PICS    HERE

22/11/2015 Our two Don Gold colts are everything we had hoped for.Dinky ( Don Gold / Superior FM ) Bling ( Don Gold / Ludo ) PICS   HERE

29/10/2015 QEB Say No More (JEEP) San Amour / Cooperit .You can imagine how excited we are about this 4yr old 17hh machine. Thanks Jac for letting me have so much on your pony . PICS  HERE

07/09/2015 After a month long trip to Europe we are back to reality, the trip took in the FEI 2015 World Young Horse Championships at Verden and FEI 2015 European Championships dressage and show jumping Championships. We were lucky enough to visit endless number of world class studs / training and competition establishments .In doing so meet some of the biggest names in our sport Paul Schockemohle PSI,Anky Van Grunsven,Madeleine Winter-Schulze,Isobel,Isabell Werth,Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and the wonderful Sosath family from Probably the highlight of the trip was being to spend time in the UK with my daughter Kelly (Kiki) and grandchildren Tia and Charlie.Lots and lots of photos to follow. PHOTOS

21/06/2015 Thanks to HOMEWATCH SECURITY SERVICES anyone entering our farm from Nth, Sth East or West could be forgiven for thinking they are being watched with cameras operating throughout the property .If you need security than you cannot go past these systems 24-7 recording,motion detectors,dial in from anywhere in the world to check any camera with zoom . We are lucky that if we are out for any length of time my neighbour just put the monitor on his kitchen table. How good is that . 

Competition Videos  HERE
Training  Videos  HERE
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Carron Gibbons  
The best Fush & Chups in NZ can be  found in Cambridge